ISEA an update

Just to give you a brief update and heads up.

The team managed to get a few good blog posts in before the main conference and then a few things happened. Firstly, we hit the broadband limit in the house we were all staying in, crazy I know. But I suppose thats what happens when you put 5 new media types in one space with laptops, phones and tablets, we used it all up by the second day and were then throttled down to what seemed to be a crazy 2.2 kbps. Which is not enough to even send email. Also, we then hit the main ISEA conference which was followed by openings and meetings etc. I know what you are thinking, poor us right? Well following what seems to have been a months worth of jet lag and other activity (a good part of the team have been at Run Computer Run in Dublin since our return) We are getting our heads together to get some more posts online and plan for some exciting public facing activity in the near future