This site has been created by a new group of curators and arts practitioners based in the North East of England. This group has come together to work collaboratively and grow through collective activity and evolve new and interesting practices as part of the wider UK arts sector and encourage new international partnerships.

As converging new technologies have moved from the margins to become part of the fabric of everyday life, there has been a dramatic shift in how art is produced, disseminated and consumed. With a few notable exceptions, skills and expertise in this area within the North East is restricted to a small number of creative individuals, collectives and organisations. As such, access to practical opportunities that support critical thinking, talent development, access to peers and expertise working within this area is limited. This group seeks to address this, creating new opportunities, improving access to networks and fostering an atmosphere of critical engagement with arts and new technologies.

While each individual brings a specialist curatorial interest to the collective, together they represent the contemporary role of curatorship, as their practices span creative disciplines and artforms and bridge sectors in their explorations of media based arts.