Monthly Archives: October 2013

Into Practice Inaugural Event Feedback and Reflection

Last week, Into Practice launched our first event at ISIS arts in Newcastle.  The event was an opportunity to share what the emerging group is setting out to accomplish, and to share with local practitioners some of the resources that we encountered while in Sydney in June.

At the event, Suzy launched with her presentation around organisations, curators, and artists that work between commercial and art sectors.  Marialaura followed, discussing her work with and hybrid contexts online and offline.  Victoria discussed the practicalities of creating work that moves between code and object-making and how these modes inform and shape a final work.  Dominic wrapped up the discussion with historic examples of networked platforms and how Into Practice and similar groups can extend the online dialogue in a hybrid context.

The straightforward mode of sharing with other artists and curators about how we make art happen, through specific examples, was useful to those in attendance, who suggested that this event could be taken further with more sharing of resources of future developing projects.  We received positive feedback from the attendees, who offered a great deal of energy behind the intent of the group: to share practice through practice.  Ideas were exchanged for future events and outlets where various types of initiatives could be tested and implemented.

Into Practice is now planning our next event at Banner Repeater in London on November 16th.  This will be a book sprint in which distributed participants from within and outside the art ecology will be invited to contribute, either at Banner Repeater or remotely, their inside practical knowledge to the book. Taking many forms, from diagrams to diaristic writing and from visuals to code, the book will come together by the closing of the event which will also be open to Banner Repeater’s audience. The book is the event and the event is the book.  More information will be forthcoming as the event approaches…